Don Bybee Construction

Don Bybee was led into this specialized business through a past interest in construction and, oddly enough, the world of music. Don is the former band director at Arlington Heights High School and a church music director. While he studied music in college, he had worked part-time as a framer. He met his wife, Jan, in the world of music when she auditioned as a pianist for him. His fate in meeting Jan would lead him back into the construction industry. Her father was a contractor, handling primarily fire restorations. Don began working for him during his time off as a teacher during summer vacations.

By 1978, Don realized the great potential in that business and gave up his music career to work with his father-in-law for the next 14 years. He later went to work for another company which also handled fire and other damage restorations, and spent seven years in that position.

After 21 years of experience, Don formed his own company, Don Bybee Construction, Inc., in 1999. His longevity in the business allows Don the ability and know-how to address all the entities involved - insurance agencies and mortgage companies - in order to help people quickly and efficiently.


Don Bybee Construction

Among the various insurance adjustors he has worked with, he is described as "dependable, reliable...a good guy". Customers can take comfort in knowing that their job is being handled in the most knowledgable and professional manner with Don's own hands-on-supervision in overseeing a reliable subcontractor and supplier base he has built throughout the years.
Don says, "Previously, I primarily handled sales and then turned over the job to the production department. I decided I was missing one of the parts I enjoy the most. And that is, seeing the job through to completion. The families I work for have not prepared themselves for a remodeling project.
They are frustrated and anxious about their misfortune. I try to help by explaining what we have to do and working with insurance companies to get their claim settled. My satisfaction comes in helping them get back to normal as quickly as possible. With my own smaller-scale business, I am able to be there and do whatever it takes to accomplish that."

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